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Welcome to my personal Rubberslug gallery. I've been collecting autographs since I first started attending anime conventions back in 2001 and original sketches and a small number of animation cels since about 2011. I finally got around to buying a scanner, so I've started uploading pictures here for display.

News & Updates

11/6/2016Update with items from Anime Weekend Atlanta 2016, Mandarake Big Web Auction, and Kickstarter/IndieGoGo rewards.
9/13/2016A joint update with Cutiebunny of items from AnimeFest 2016, along with a few pieces from DragonCon 2016 and other sources.
7/5/2016Added items from Anime Central 2016, along with a (sort of) joint update with Cutiebunny of items from Animazement 12016.
5/8/2016Joint update with Cutiebunny of items from Sakura-Con 2016, plus a couple other pieces.

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Title Last Updated
Animation Cels 9/13/2016
Autographs 11/6/2016
Original Sketches 11/6/2016

Curator: MechaboyDos
Gallery Created: 8/13/2014
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